2017: A Year of Birthday Celebrations

Welcome to Da Capo’s 20th Year as a community chamber choir.

We have now begun rehearsals for an exciting year ahead. We have vacancies for all voice types and really encourage you to come along and join in to one of our rehearsals.

We are starting to plan all our concerts during the year and hopefully culminating in a big performance towards the end of the year with as many past choristers as possible. Although you are all welcome to come back and sing for the whole year :)

Over the next year I am going to create a blog for each year the Da Capo Singers have been operating and post photos, programs and a history of what went on that year. Please feel free to email photos, programs, newspaper articles or a bit of a history to me caitlinwebb88@yahoo.com, I’ll add them to my blog.

Happy 2017 all. I shall be in contact soon with set dates