As we come to the end of 2016, I thought we’d look back on an eventful year.

At the end of 2015 we said farewell to one of the best musicians, chorister from the beginningĀ  and our leader of the last 9 years, Simon Loveless and started the process of finding a new Musical Director through auditions. Early in 2016, we met with Elena and offered her the position of guest musical director for our first concert of 2016. We commenced rehearsing in February after an extended break.

The first chance we got to perform and show the public what we had been learning under Elena’s guidance was at the first of 3 performances we did for theĀ  City of Casey’s Citizenship ceremonies.

After a lot of rehearsing, Da Capo presented their first concert of 2016 on Sunday the 24th July, Songs from the Heart. The concert went really well and we had a lot of good feedback from our audience. After the concert at our first rehearsal back, we announced that we were pleased to introduce Elena as the new Musical Director for the Da Capo Singers.

Between the end of July and our next concert in October, Da Capo rehearsed, performed at the City of Casey’s Citizenship ceremonies twice and held our annual AGM and had a lot of fun and laughter in between.

As a bit of a change to a regular Da Capo concert of past years, our concert on the 22nd October was a repeat of our first concert with a couple of new pieces. Once More, With Feeling was well received by the encouraging but smaller audience.

During the last 5 rehearsal weeks of the Da Capo year (rehearsal time cut short by a few holiday weekends), we rehearsed a whole new program of Christmas music and some of our favourites from the year. After jumping over a few hurdles and a program change a week out from the concert, the Da Capo Singers presented their third and last concert of 2016, Rejoice, on Saturday 10th December to a wonderfully enthusiastic audience that joined in with some community carols at the end of the concert.

That’s all for 2016, bring on 2017 and 20 year anniversary celebrations.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported Da Capo through this year of unknowns and changes. We all really appreciate you coming to our concerts and watching us do what we love. I would also like to thank my fellow choristers for all their hard work this year and not giving up when it seemed like it was all too hard, and to Elena for being willing to take on the job of being our leader and filling such big shoes and putting up with us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Da Capo

Vice President
Da Capo Singers